Ken Rosenthal, are you kidding me?


**UPDATE (12/15): Obviously an apology is in-store, since Rosenthal’s “nonsensical” scenario panned out to be accurate. Sorry Ken. I have tremendous respect for Ken, as I point out in the original, unedited post below. I still feel as though it’s wrong t report hunches, but I have have a hunch that Rosenthal knew more than he let on.

My guess is that Ken actually heard this from elsewhere, but he didn’t deem it solid enough to cite sources. If he did and he turned out to be wrong he’d lose credibility in the long-run.

As usual, good work, Ken. Sorry for doubting you. However, the post isn’t entirely about that. It’s more about the tactics Ken used to report his hunch. I still think he was wrong in that regard.**

Let me preface this by saying two things. I have tremendous respect for Ken Rosenthal, of FOX Sports, and his columns and TV reports over the years have proved him to be one of the best in the business. And something you learn in journalism 101 is that you do not report a hunch. Keeping those two things in mind, let’s begin ripping, shredding, tearing, crumpling, stabbing, bashing, and attacking Ken’s column from yesterday, where he says he has a hunch that the Phillies are trading Cliff Lee.

That’s right, you heard me correctly folks. A goddamn hunch!

Let’s hear from Kenny himself:

I have no proof that the Phillies are trying to move left-hander Cliff Lee as part of a three- or four-team trade for Blue Jays right-hander Roy Halladay.

But I’ve got a hunch.

No proof, just a hunch Ken? Is that how they taught you to fill an 800-word column?

I have a hunch that that was utterly pathetic reporting and that you truly don’t understand the game as well as I thought, if you actually think that the Phillies are remotely considering trading Sir Clifton Phifer Lee.

Actually, check that- that’s not a hunch, I can prove it.

Ken, if you sit back, take a day off, and draw up some trade rumor that doesn’t make a lick of sense, you’re just as bad as Jerod Morris, and remember what you did to him?

As somewhat cohesively points out, and hey, somewhat’s about as good as it gets for Meech (just kidding):

Come on, Ken. If baseball reporting was about hunches, every knucklehead with a press pass would just run possible trades through their dumb head and send them to their editor. It’d be f—— reporting anarchy, man. You might as well have just told us that the Astros are on the verge of signing Brett Myers and called it a day.

Rosenthal goes as far as proposing a deal for this nonsensical scenario:

So, here’s the deal: Lee goes somewhere for prospects. The Phillies include the prospects in their package for Halladay, maybe keep one or two for themselves. Halladay gets his extension, the Jays get a bounty of young players and some lucky team gets Lee for one year at his bargain salary of $9 million.

Ken, I know being a sportswriter is tough, but please, get real, man. This is about as stupid a little “hunch” as I’ve seen. Next time, just stick to standing on the phonebooks in the cameraman dugout, while talking like you’re reading from an 1800’s romance novel and reporting what those fine sources of yours say on the internet.

Leave fantasy land out of this.

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  1. Vicks doghouse

    looks like you were wrong, huh?

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