Holiday Giveaway #1!


Ladies and gentleman, the moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. On this Black Friday, we bring you the first of three Holiday Giveaways. This giveaway is a “Headliner,” where we ask you to put your slug on the photograph shown. Winner gets a Philies keychain bottle opener free of charge from our friends at Wholesale Keychain.

Here’s how this little contest is going to work: Put your caption in the comments section. Make sure the email address you enter is valid. Then use the “Thumbs Up”  button to vote for your favorite caption. Whoever’s caption receives the most votes wins.

Be mindful of your audience and refrain from using inappropriate material. Your caption will be disqualified if I deem it necessary.

Here’s our photo, let the fun begin!

Photo: Al Tielemans/ Sports Illustrated



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5 responses to “Holiday Giveaway #1!

  1. Charlie: You got a double? Really? No way, get the heck out of here. I didn’t know you could hit.

  2. Dylan Zaccaria

    Pat if you weren’t already married I would propose to you right here and now. I LOVE YOU!

  3. Sam McManus

    Charlie: Pat, if you look at another strike 3 this week I’m gon’ lift you up by yer neck and throw you down the Eas’ Coas’

  4. ADLS

    Charlie:I have multiple chins, fight me

  5. Freddie the K

    Pat: I think I’m gonna get a job with the Rays.
    Charlie: Aw shucks… Enjoy this win, these types of things don’t happen so much down there.

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