Could Cataldi be leaving WIP?


No chance. That’s your first reaction, right? It’s mine too, but as Laura Nachman points out, Angelo Cataldi’s contract is up at the end of this year and bringing back the highly rated, energetic host of WIP’s Morning Show could cost CBS Radio a few bucks.

The 20-year WIP veteran already makes well over $1 million, and is certainly not looking for that figure to go down.

In the past the family of stations has been known to be willing to pay for good ratings, and with 97.5 The Fanatic already winning the afternoon drive time numbers, WIP could really go under if it loses one of the truly great talk radio hosts, Angelo.

At an all sports station, Angelo’s diverse morning show has been hammered by critics over the years for seemingly never talking about sports.

However, Angelo knows what the people like: Italian food and boobs, and those two topics are certainly prevalent throughout his program.

Angelo creates a program the is truly magnificent. He’s always laughing, always smiling, and creating a radio atmosphere that’s pretty incredible. His priority is always the fan, and losing him would be a major loss to the WIP lineup.

If you’re an Angelo hater or Anglelo lover, check out this video and I think it might make you appreciate him even more.

I know he has his quirks, as does anyone and I seriously doubt there is even any consideration being put into not resigning him from CBS Radio’s side, but I thought this was a perfect opportunity to ignite the great Angelo debate.

Commenters commence!



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7 responses to “Could Cataldi be leaving WIP?

  1. Mark Anders

    Cataldi’s a disgrace. If you want his bullshit just listen to Preston and Steve!!

  2. Steve

    That buffoon makes $1 mil for hitting on chicks that could be his grandchildren and talking about Mark Eckel’s package all day? DISGRACE!

  3. Lewis

    go suck his dick some more, Shay Roddy

  4. Cataldi is overrated. That show is the same when he’s on vacation and not around.

    It’s a typical morning show format…Host- old guy who likes young hot girls (Angelo)…with this featured panel- one cool black guy (Douglas), one white female (Rhea), one nerdy white guy that they crack jokes on (take your pick- Al or Jonsey). They could easily toss Big Daddy Graham in there and have the exact same show for 1/10 the price.

  5. Jay, I have to disagree with you there. When Angelo’s away the show is way different. BDG is great, but I don’t know that he would work well outside of his customary overnight time slot.

    He keeps the overnight show interesting and light, but with high profile guest interviewees and pressure to talk sports and lose the snack segment and all of his specialties, the show could go down hill.

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. While a lot of people who are really smart sports people hate Angelo, I think that if you listen with the right mindset you’ll see his greatness. And after all, his just barely behind Preston and Steve in the ratings.

  6. Bob Wright

    The morning show is much better when he is off and Al Morganti hosts it. But I have only listened to it for about 5 minutes since 97.5 came on the air 4 years ago. Obviously he has his audience and good ratings but I believe that he has also lost many listeners like me that have grown tired of his buffoonery and wing bowl talk. I hope 610 is feeling the heat from The Fanatic as they are becoming old and stale. Also, I cant believe that Ike Reese still has a job. Horrendous! I tried listening during a commercial on 97.5 and just couldn’t do it.

  7. steve t

    Angelo sucks! The morning show is so much better when he’s on vacation! No screaming & no talking over each other!! 100 % better without him on it!!

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