Interview: Spencer Reiter, newest member of High Hopes team


High Hopes is adding a new member to our team. Spencer Reiter will become a contributor sharing his brand of baseball in several posts weekly. I caught up with him to introduce him to you.

SHAY C. RODDY: What do you plan to bring to High Hopes?

SPENCER J. REITER: Hopefully I get to bring new type of views to this website. I am not really optimist with the Phils, even though I want more than anything for them to win and do well. I am a huge fan, but I like to look at things practically. Hopefully, this way of approaching the organization will bring a good new type of view on High Hopes.

SCR: How do you value blogs? How do you see them fitting into the ever-changing media scene?

SJR: I like blogs a lot. It really shows a different way of looking at things that are being written about. It is more of a fans type of view, which is good, but it is also official, letting people know the correct information, and also being able to contribute to sports media.

SCR: Any heroes or role models in the media industry?

SJR: I never really had one person that I really admired, but I realized that I would love to write about sports, when I met Dave Spadaro, the great writer. The things he gets to see and do every day, while doing the thing that he loves is amazing. Although I do not 100% agree with what he writes, sometimes, I still like his style, and what he brings to the organization.

SCR: Let’s get into the Phillies… How do you fill the hole at third base?

SJR: 3rd base, easy- Chone Figgins from the LA Angels. He’s just what the Phils need in there offense, not to mention, he’s not to bad defensively. I would love to see this guy batting 1st in the Phillies line-up come April.

SCR: So are you suggesting moving Jimmy Rollins to a different part of the order?

SJR: Yes, Jimmy for years has been our 1 hitter, and did well, but seem to struggle a bit this past year. Figgins, who had an OBP of .395 and hit .298 this past year would work in great with our power line up, with putting runners in position. Rollins would be able to work on getting on base more, and maybe become a nice man to have in the 7 spot for good production.

SCR: How can the Phillies sure-up their bullpen this offseason?

SJR: It is obvious the Phillies have always had trouble with the bullpen aspect of the team. What they need this year is a guy they can count on late innings. I do not mind Eyre or even Madson for those 6 or 7 innings, but they really need a guy late in the game. Maybe move Happ back to the bullpen for a little. Pick up a new late guy. There are talks with Billy Wagner and I could see him being a good set up guy for Lidge.

SCR: Ruben Amaro, Jr.’s goal coming out of the General manager meetings should be…

SJR: He needs to be able to follow up on his ideas, be aggressive in getting some players, spend some money, look at where it got the Yankees.

SCR: What’s your number one priority this off-season?

SJR: Simple as that. Whether it be bullpen or starters, we need it. I want a good pitcher that can follow Lee and Cole, and a guy where I do not have to worry about losing the game when up 3 runs in a game in the 9th.

That’s it for me! Thanks and I cannot wait to write more.
You can e-mail Spencer anytime at

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