Link it Up: Coping with defeat


Let’s look around the web, and look at how some of the great writers eloquently break down this crushing defeat., The Fightins– “It would’ve been pretty sweet to take down those Yankees — especially if we could have come back from a 3-1 series deficit — but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. But we made Harry the K proud. And that run by the Phillies this year kept his memory alive.”

Matt P, The 700 Level– “The organization has new life. PHL is something other clubs don’t want to see on their calendars. The fans have pride we haven’t known in my lifetime. And, importantly, at least to us, the players on this team are truly men worth cheering for. Even in defeat, this team showed tremendous character, and for a long regular season and great playoff run, they gave us that one thing we want most from watching baseball—FUN.”

Jason Weitzel, Beerleaguer– “While 2008 became the year Philadelphia was given reprieve from a long title drought, 2009 carried a different meaning for this individual, one that mattered less about winning and more about the bonds the Phillies have created among us. Step back. Look around. What great pleasure, excitement and brotherhood the Phillies have stirred, at a time when unity and goodwill are in such short supply.”

John R. Finger,– After spending some time in the clubhouse of the World Series-losing Phillies last night, it was nothing like what you see on TV at all. In fact, there was nothing funereal about it at all. …Yes, the Phillies were disappointed that they lost to the Yankees in six games. That was a bummer. “However, no one acted defeated. Heads were held high and the Yankees’ superiority in the series was acknowledged. To a man, every player that spoke said some derivation of, ‘They beat us. They were better than we were in this series.‘”

David Murphy,– “This weekend, however, Broad Street will be silent, save for the people and cars bustling through the onset of winter. There will still be Thanksgiving, and there will still be Christmas, but there will be no parade, no title, no World Bleepin’ Champs.”

Matt, The Shibe Times– “As I watched this game, a sense of calm came over me once the score got crooked. The Phillies were the defending World Champs. No team has played more baseball than the Phillies over the last two years. No team had a shorter or more frenetic offseason than the Phillies. On top of that, they had a season fraught with issues. Everything that went right for them in 2008 stabbed them in the back in 2009. Hamels, Lidge, Harry died, Jimmy’s slump, Raul’s slump. We can dissect 2009 later – you get the point.”

Todd Zolecki,– “Jimmy Rollins said in Philadelphia last month when the Phillies clinched their third consecutive National League East championship that he wanted to wear Harry Kalas’ jacket and shoes during another parade down Broad Street. He said in Denver when the Phillies clinched the NL Division Series that he hoped the Phillies could be known as the Little Red Machine, referring to the 1975-76 Cincinnati Reds, the last team to win consecutive World Series.”


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5 responses to “Link it Up: Coping with defeat

  1. In New York We SMOKE PHILLIES as a victory Cigar !!……see you losers next year if you dont have another breakdown along the way

  2. Fans like you are why I have an undying respect for Yankee fans. You guys really are cool.

  3. I love this team. All I ever wanted growing up was for the Phils to be contenders and make it to the playoffs. Well, now I’m grown up and they’ve made it to the playoffs 3 straight years with consecutive World Series apperances…that’s awesome!!! They’re primed for more too. So, the little boy still breathing inside of me is quite happy and proud of his Phillies.

  4. So proud of this team! Cant wait until 2010!

  5. Wow everyone, it is Thanksgiving Day! I’m happy with my extra day off, and I am planning to doing something fun that will probably involve a moto trip and seeing something new in Fort Thomas I haven’t seen yet.
    You write new post at Thanksgiving?

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