Morning Coffee: Mets fans split between rivals in 2009 World Series

In all of the hubbub Wednesday night, through celebrations, displays of emotion, and feelings of triumph, there was one thing I bet was never on anyones mind- the Mets.

The Mets and their fans have become a forgotten hatred amongst the fans of this city. They put-forth an effort so pathetic, even we forgot to hate them for a little while.

Now, their fans get to sit and see which of their arch-rivals will go on to win the World Series. Because it’s either gonna be their division rival Phillies, or cross-town foes, the Yankees.

Here’s a letter, originally sent by a Mets fan, which was forwarded eventually to Michael Barkann, who then shared it with me.

While it does suck to support Philly, they are clearly the lesser of 2 evils. Lets face it- what Mets fan cared about Philly before 2007? They were irrelevant. The Yankees, however, have been in our face our whole lives. For the last 13 years 80% of NY newspaper back-pages wash their jock-straps. They represent all that is wrong with sports. They are greed, excess, and they flaunt it constantly. Philly, as much as I don’t like them, I have to respect their team. They didn’t go buy all-stars at every position. They are gritty and blue collar, they have balls and don’t back down from anyone. Everything I wish our Mets were. They represent the NL, a league laughed at by most everyone, especially Yankee fans. The Yankees will stroll into the WS thinking they have already won it by beating their nemesis in the much tougher AL. Their fans and the media will be ready to crown them for #27, as will the whole world. The defending champs will not get the respect they deserve, and as we know, they enjoy beating NY. They thrive on being disrespected, and they will beat the Evil Empire. And when they beat that $200 million payroll bunch of all-star mercenaries, in their billion dollar stadium in game 6, I will still be a Mets fan. I still won’t like Philly, but I will damn sure respect them. As will every other baseball fan. Cheering for the Yankees is not an option. Never.

Under any circumstance.

Get me a Cheesesteak.



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3 responses to “Morning Coffee: Mets fans split between rivals in 2009 World Series

  1. pedro

    nice to see some respeKt from the mets.

  2. Mike

    do mets fans eat human feces?

  3. Haha, that’s awesome. Good post by a… Mets fan? haha.

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