Interview: Scott Franzke talks about the upcoming NLCS

Scott Franzke is the play-by-play voice of the Phillies. His career began as a studio host for the now-defunct Prime Sports Radio Network (now Fox Sports Radio) in 1994 which led him three years later to be the host of the Texas Rangers radio pre and post game shows 1997-98 and 2002-2005.

In 2006, he came to the Phillies to take over those same duties when Tom McCarthy was hired away from the Phillies by the New York Mets, their National League Eastern Division rivals.

Now, McCarthy is back doing TV and Franzke has taken over completely on the radio, working the entire game along side Larry Andersen.

Below is my conversation with Phillies’ play-by-play voice. We cover everything from the bullpen, to the explosive offense, to Harry Kalas’ passing, all just moments before game one of the NLCS! Click it!

Some basic info: the interview was recorded from Philadelphia with Scott Franzke on remote from Dodger Stadium. Time: 6:05 ET.


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One response to “Interview: Scott Franzke talks about the upcoming NLCS

  1. Mike

    fantastic job here. and hey, franzke was right, and you were wrong in both series, shay. i didn’t forget you had LA in 6 nyy in 5.

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