State of the site

Obviously there’s been an embarrassing lack of content here on Phillie Phanatics in the last three months. At this point it’s not fair to you to post only every now and then. I’m at a personal crossroads with the blog. Either stop it or keep up with it.

Due to having a real job, I have been working prime time and haven’t been able to find spare time for this. But, I am now working normal hours and will hopefully be able to take this blog strongly through the season.

So here’s the plan, anyway:

From now until late September you can expect three to four weekly columns on the site. These will be the same columns that I write as part of my Featured Columnist duties for CBS’s Bleacher Report. Toward the end of the season and through the playoffs you can expect those same three to four columns along with a few more “bloggy” features per week.

Hopefully I haven’t lost my touch and the Phils can provide us with some exciting content to get us back on track.

Thanks for hanging in there with us and please feel free to let me know your thoughts below.



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3 responses to “State of the site

  1. Bring on more stuff, ShayRoddy!

  2. Mike

    This site is legit. Don’t quit.

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