Wrigley beer thrower identified

As you’ve all heard by now, a terrible, disgraceful act took place at Wrigley Field Wednesday. As Shane Victorino ranged back to the ivy to catch a fly ball, a beer was thrown at him from the first row of the bleachers.

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

Say what you want about it. Dispute the “what if it happened in Philly” storyline. But the bottom line is Victorino doesn’t mess with anyone. He wants the guy to face what he has done. And now he has.  Johnny Macchione, the 21-year-old beer tosser turned himself in to Chicago police. But let’s not let this knuckle head off with a warning. Let’s let him know what Philly thinks.

In this age of technology, everyone has a Facebook. So, I present you with Johnny Macchione’s Facebook page.

Let him know what you think of him yourself.



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2 responses to “Wrigley beer thrower identified

  1. lvironpigs

    I posted this article at my place and told people you have this turkey’s Facebook address


  2. complex post. due one unimportant where I contest with it. I am emailing you in detail.

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