Phils face more adversity as Bastardo hits DL

After the Phils infamous, horrid steak of losses through their most recent homestand and on the road at Tampa Bay things seemed on the “up” after manager  Charlie Manuel hosted a closed door meeting which culminated in a 10-0 pounding of the Jays the next day, which was followed up by a 5-4 win by Jamie Moyer Sunday.

But all that seems to have changed recently as the team continues to face something that has haunted them all year: adversity. It was reported Monday that the Phils have lost yet another player to injury. Antonio Bastardo was placed on the 15-day disabled list with a shoulder strain. Sergio Escalona has been recalled from Triple-A Lehigh Valley to take his place.

This injury comes at among the worst of times. The Phils just can’t get anything clicking. We could look at their struggling leadoff man, who’s been benched for four consecutive games now. We could look at the offense, which I call a “ten and one” offense– that is they score ten or they score one. We could look at the fact that J.C. Romero is facing batterie charges, for allegedly chocking a fan in Tampa, from the St. Petersburg Police Department. But, for now, let’s push all that aside and look at some of the major injuries the team is facing:

  1. Brett Myers — Myers is where the injury plague all began. After injuring his hip May 27 and having hip surgery shortly there after, Myers’ absence has taken a toll on the team. The Phils have been forced to fill his void with young talent, mainly Antonio Bastardo. 
  2. Antonio Bastardo — Bastardo, the most recent addition to the DL continues the void in the rotation left my Myers. Either unproven young talent will be called upon to try to fill the spot or General Manager Ruben Amaro, Jr. will be forced to make a trade quicker than he would have liked.
  3. Raul Ibanez — Ibanez, a cog in the Phillies lineup, hit the DL in mid-June. And that’s when all the troubles began. His absence proved how vital he is to the success of the team. So what if, just what if, our beloved RAAAUUUUUUUUULL comes back as the player he was in Seattle.
  4. Brad Lidge — The formerly “lights out” closer spent most of June on the DL with a strained knee. He returned this week but still appears to be landing funny. While apparently pitching with the injury through the first part of the season, Lidge struggled mightily. He hasn’t appeared to have returned to last year’s form recently either.


Luckily for the Phils, the Mets’ struggles have been prevalent as well and the Fightins remain atop the NL East. The bad news is, these adversities have kept the lead from growing into what could have been an unthinkably large one. But, as all teams go through at some point during the season, the Phils can’t seem to get a break.


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