Willis: At least the Mets still suck

BY KEENAN WILLIS for Phillie Phanatics

Well this has been a rough week so far for the Phils.  Coming off of depressing series with Red Sox Nation, I was charged up and ready to take it to the Doc Halladay-less Toronto Blue Jays.

Unfortunately, the absence of Doc Halladay must have inspired Doc Brown to gas up the DeLorean and take us back in time, because all of the sudden it felt like 1993 and the Blue Jays were crushing my spirit again.  This time, however, Curt Schilling won’t be taking the hill to pitch us a gem of a game and make it a series again.  (Side note: Remember how great of a game 5 that was for Curt?  Seriously, though.  Take a look at the link for the box score.  It was a work of art).

That being said, I woke up this morning to a “this Raul thing kind of sucks” text message and viola, I see Raul Ibanez has landed on the DL with a strained groin.  The timing of this injury couldn’t be worse as the club is in a bit of a tailspin right now.  Also, that which shall be remained nameless (and I think we all know what I’m talking about) will not be helped with news of this injury.  Kind of unfortunate when bad things happen to good people, no?

So after heartbreaking series with the Massholes [Ed. Note- “Red Sox”] from up north that could’ve easily gone from 1-2 to 3-0 to this flaccid output against the Toronto Blue Jays (seriously guys?  4 runs?) with their entire opening day starting rotation is now on the DL, we stand 1 game away from being swept by the Jays and falling to 3-6 against the American League East.

Hopefully Joe Blanton can save the bullpen by eating some innings today in what should be a soggy Thursday.  Oh, and just to add insult to injury, our old friends Scott Rolen and Rod Barajas went a combined 7-17 with 6 RBI and 6 R through two games.   With all of these injuries, it’s good to know that the IronPigs are making history.

On the bright side, we’re still 3 games up in the National League East as the Mets still suck.*

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2 responses to “Willis: At least the Mets still suck

  1. Yes, the Mets do suck, but the Phils certainly seem to be trying to outdo them in suckage.

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