Interview: Jerod Morris explains his Ibanez speculation

Today I spoke to Jerod Morris, a guy who’s been living in a surreal world this week after speculating that Raul Ibanez could be using performance enhancing drugs on his blog Midwest Sports Fans, Monday.

Click here to listen to the lengthy conversation I had with Jerod earlier today about his speculation, Raul’s reaction, the fallout, and the rapidly fading line between blogs and Mainstream Media.

Here are some of the pieces Jerod reffers to in the podcast:

“Excuse me for asking” by Rick Reilly

“A Cheap Shot at Ibanez” by John Gonzalez

“I’m clean, angry Ibanez says” by Jim Salisbury

Outside the Lines featuring Jerod Morris, Ken Rosenthal and John Gonzalez

“Sorry Papi, but we’re living in an age of accusations” by Ken Rosenthal



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4 responses to “Interview: Jerod Morris explains his Ibanez speculation

  1. harryandwhitey


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  3. Shay, you did a great job with the Podcast and interview.

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