Eaton signs in Colorado

Yes, everyone’s favorite punching bag has found a new home.  Adam Eaton signed a minor-league contact with the Colorado Rockies Monday.  The [insert hateful adjective here] pitcher really struggled and had a “who cares how I do, I’m getting paid” attitude  for a few years for the Phils before being sent home to watch the WFC’s run from his couch.  He did come to claim his ring, though.

The Phils released Eaton after the 2008 season.  He went to one of the worst franchises in baseball, the Baltimore Orioles, where he couldn’t even meet their low standards.  He was released earlier this year.  Since then, Eaton has been home obviously not improving or working out.

Now he’s found another sucker.  When asked if he still has anything left  to help the Rockies he had this to say: “This is a good opportunity. I felt good in both Philly and Baltimore, but things just didn’t work out. Pitching in the small ballparks made it tough on me too, confidence wise. There definitely is more of a ‘pitcher’s park’ feel to [Coors Field] so I’m looking forward to pitching there.

I’ll start in Colorado Springs, which is nice. The Pacific Coast League is great for pitchers, so I should be able to be successful and build some confidence so when the Rockies need me I’ll be ready.”

 He will report to Colorado’s Pacific Coast league affiliate immediately.


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