Mets fan swallowed by Citi Field toilet

FLUSHING — I was listening to Angelo Cataldi and the Morning Team on 610 WIP this morning, when Angelo humored us, once again, with one of his stories.  This time it was about a Mets fan.

Apparently an unidentified woman dropped her gold tooth in the bowl at Citi Field and as the toilet flushed she reached her hand in to try to retrieve it.  Unfortunately for the fan, her arm got stuck in the commode and was repeatedly flushed over.

She remained, screaming, in the toilet for some time until stadium security heard her screams and rushed to the scene alongside medical personnel.  But wait, it gets better– the security was unable to pull her arm out.

So, they called for back-up — dialing up the owner of Cardoza Plumbing, the company that installed all 646 ultra-low-flow toilets at Citi Field.  Mr. Cardoza rushed to the scene from the company’s Jamaica headquarters, 7.2 miles away.

The anxious victim, meanwhile, could only wait as the toilet continued to flush over her arm.

As the drama heated up, fans began to gather around the section 338 bathroom to try to catch a glimpse of the action.

The woman was eventually freed.  It is unclear whether or not the toilet had to be destroyed in the process.

The story makes you wonder.  How did the fan manage to get the tooth into the toilet.  Was she vomiting, as Al Morganti suggested, or did she swallow it a few days earlier, as Rhea Hughes pondered?

Either way, it confirms our suspicion about the inferiority of Mets fans.



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3 responses to “Mets fan swallowed by Citi Field toilet

  1. Wow. Haha. What a story.

    It is sure an appropriate city: Flushing.

  2. Shay Roddy

    Yeah, that’s why I included the dateline. What a joke Mets fans are…

  3. Love the dateline.

    Good post.

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