VIDEO: Fan runs on field

Last night, as the fourth ball of a sixth inning walk to Larry “Chipper” Jones was thrown, a young fan decided to run onto the playing field.  The fan greeted Pedro Feliz with a fist-pound and then proceeded to juke security guards for about two minutes.

Obviously, to discourage the behavior, Comcast SportsNet was unable to show the speedster’s run/ fist-pound on their telecast, but a few YouTube videos have surfaced.

Here’s the first, which gets everything pretty well, except the exciting conclusion:

And this video captures the ending:

Here’s a picture as well:

(Photo: Paul Gentile)

(Photo: Paul Gentile)

According to sources, the fan was charged with three misdemeanors and fined $5,000.  He is seventeen.

Thanks to for the tip.



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3 responses to “VIDEO: Fan runs on field

  1. Awesome. I was listening to the game on the radio and heard. I was looking for some videos last night, so thanks for posting this.

  2. MB

    Shay– great post. I was looking for this. Nice to see some lighthearted posts on your blog.

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