Today’s game is postponed; Hamels likely for Friday

PHILADELPHIA– Today’s 1:30 PM game, from Citizens Bank Park, has been postponed due to rain.  No makeup date has been announced yet, but looking at the schedule, September 14 seems to make the most sense.  The 14th is an off-day for both teams following a series in Philadelphia.

The rainout allows Cole Hamels’ next scheduled start to be pushed back until Friday.  Hamels said this morning that most of the pain in his ankle is gone and the only thing keeping him off the field is his ability to run the bases and field his position.

“I’ve been fine walking,” he said. “It’s not too bad. I’m a couple days away. I really am. I don’t want it to be something where I can throw pitches but can’t cover my position.”

Hamels will throw a bullpen on Tuesday and take pitchers’ fielding practice sometime this week.

“The big concern was trying to play my position and having to run,” Hamels said. “I know I can put down a bunt, but I still have to run to first base. I can’t just put down a bunt and walk to the dugout. If I was another team, I was bunting to me the first couple of times just to see how I do. So I think it’s more so taking some grounders and having to cover first, I think that’s first.”


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