The Rings are in!

After a season of trials and tribulations, the Phillies proved to be triumphant last year, winning their first World Championship in twenty-eight years.  And to the victor go the spoils:

Here are some World Series ring facts, courtesy of the good people at CBS 3:

Each 14 karat white gold ring contains 103 diamonds, totaling 3.84 karats. The 103 diamonds represent the 92 regular season and 11 postseason wins for the Phillies in 2008.

The top of the ring is crowned with a ruby inlay, topped with the Phillies’ signature “P” which is inset with diamonds.

The title “World Champions” is written along the ring’s top and bottom outer rim.

The right side of the ring depicts the World Series trophy rising out of Citizens Bank Park, along with the initials of the two World Series teams and the number of games won by each team.

Screengrap from Comcast SportsNet courtesy of The Fightins

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  1. They’re nice rings. I was the ceremony and the game today. Awesome day.

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