Phils’ bats slow getting started

The World Basbeball classic may have really effected the Phillies bats.  Lets further examine the Phillies reps this spring.  Here’s a further look at last night’s lineup:

1. Rollins SS — Rollins played for Team USA in the WBC.  Though he played most games, he didn’t get as many at bats as he would have in Clearwater.

2. Werth RF — Werth played his full spring with the Phillies in Clearwater.  However his role in the lineup could have changed due to teammates lack of presence.

3. Utley 2B — Though Utley didn’t play in the WBC, he spent much of the spring in rehab from his November 24 hip surgery.  He was certainly short on reps.

4. Howard 1B — Howard played with team USA in the WBC.  He played most games, but still did not get as many reps as he would’ve in Clearwater.

5. Ibanez LF — Ibanez, one of the newest Phillies, spent his entire spring with the team in Clearwater.  He was the third consecutive power lefty in last-night’s lineup.

6. Victorino CF — Victorino spent hardly any time with the team.  Victorino hardly played in his time with Team USA in the WBC.  He hit sixth, instead of second, which would allow Werth to break up the leftys.  His spot in the lineup was a direct reflection of his lack of at-bats in Spring Training.

7. Feliz 3B — Feliz spent much of the spring season injured.  He could not swing for a portion of Spring Training, so he obviously didn’t get the necessary reps.

8. Ruiz C — Ruiz played a full spring with the Phillies in Clearwater.

So, five of the Phillies eight hitters did not get the necessary reps this spring.  This could be a large reason for their lack of success last night against Derek Lowe.

They’ll look to get even with the Mets, who defeated the Reds 2-1 at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, Tuesday night (7:05 PM MyPHL17).


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