Sheffield Unlikely to sign in Philadelphia

The Sheffield drama remains among the unsettled business as the Phillies fly back to Philadelphia. Dusty Baker told reporters in Cincinnati this morning that Sheffield’s biggest concern is playing time, which would seem to indicate that the Phillies are indeed a long-shot to sign the free-agent.

Sheffield cleared waivers at 1:00 PM this afternoon and is available to any team for just $400,000.  The Phillies are still, reportedly one of three teams in the pursuit.  The fact that he still hasn’t signed (6:42 PM) makes you wonder if any teams will offer him the playing time he desires.

It’s still possible that he could sign, but I would call it unlikely.  The team is currently en route to Philadelphia.

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4 responses to “Sheffield Unlikely to sign in Philadelphia

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  2. Lexus boi

    That’s Tuhribul!

  3. White

    Good site! Go Phils!

  4. Alex

    Good site, go Phils!

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