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As you read this I am en route to or have already arrived in Florida, and no, I’m not there to cover the Phillies.  I figured I might as well leave you with a Link it Up! since internet access in the sunshine state will be sporadic at best and there will be a serious lack of posting in the next five days.  I should still be able to answer emails, from my phone, but I will not have access to emails at the site address. will do the trick, if you need to get in touch with me or just want to talk baseball…

Here is the latest, of our weekly feature, Link it Up!, where I provide you with links to stories of interest, importance, or humor, surrounding baseball or life.  Please follow the links and read the stories, I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.  Hopefully they can tide you over until my return.

Also, use the sidebar links.  Swing and a Long Drive is running an interview with me later this week, and Beerleaguer will never disappoint.

Here’s Link it Up!

1) An infomercial for a ladder goes bad: YouTube

2) Can this be the Phillies’ golden age?: Beerleaguer

3) An “interview” with our commander-in-chief: We Should Be GMs

4) John Finger fills us in on his chat with Chuck:

5) Jimmy and Chase discuss Charlie’s bobblehead: The Fightins

6) Todd Zolecki has the deal on the Sarge’s hat line: The Zo Zone

7) J-Roll and wife star in Playboy: Long Drive: A Phillies Blog

8.) Former Phillies bust, Gavin Floyd, is a $15.5 million man: Balls Sticks & Stuff

9) Andy Martino continues informative, interesting news updates: The Phillies Zone

10) The ’09 mugshots are in: Swing and a Long Drive



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4 responses to “Link it Up!

  1. Hey, just thought I’d share a link to my Phillies blog. Would you add my site to your Phillies links? I’ve got you linked in return!

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  3. Barb

    Have a great time!

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