Phillies to sport new uniforms/ patches

These are the Phillies’ new opening night uniforms.  Gold trim will surround the numbers and letters on the jerseys. They will be worn Opening Day only, and will eventually be auctioned off to benefit Phillies charities.

The Phillies also will be wearing a “World Series Champions 2008” patch on their home uniforms all season. They will not wear the patch on the road.

Information and graphic courtesy of Todd Zolecki’s Zo Zone



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7 responses to “Phillies to sport new uniforms/ patches

  1. I’m glad they have the patch. The gold trim ones, I guess they’re okay looking.

  2. shayroddy

    I agree… glad they’re not wearing that gold crap all year. Like the patches… wish we wore them on the road though. That way every time we go to NY people will know exactly who the WFC are.

  3. burton

    The Phils need your support!!!

    More Hardball wants to know which city has the hottest fans in Major League Baseball. Last weekend the playoff began, and now it’s time to determine who wins the pennant for each league. Let the games begin with the Phillies vs. Cubs and BoSox vs. Angels.


    We’d appreciate the plug if you like it.

  4. softoclown


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