Phils thumped by Yanks 12-0

The Phillies got rocked by the Yankees today at Steinbrenner Field, 12-0.  It wasn’t pretty.  Sloppy defense (2 errors) and lack of hitting (six hits; 0-for-3 with men in SP) irked Phils’ manager Charlie Manuel.

“We made mistakes,” Charlie said. “We made a helluva lot of [bleepin’] mistakes.”

“I think any game like that pisses you off and the best thing you can do is [bleepin’] get out there and get on that [bleepin’] bus and forget about that sonofabitch. That was a horse[bleep] [bleepin’] game and if I played in a [bleepin’] game like that, I’d definitely [bleepin’] take some good inventory of myself. That was a horse[bleep][ bleepin’] game. They don’t get much worse than that. It was terrible.”

The Phillies will look to bounce back tomorrow against the Reds at 1:05.

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