Link it Up!

Introducing a new weekly weekend feature: Link It Up!  So what is link it up?  Each week I will find ten stories of importance, humor, or interest and provide a link to them here.  I encourage you to follow the links an read the stories… I promise they won’t disappoint.  Also please submit stories for Link it Up! consideration to

So without further adieu our first edition of Link It Up! (in no particular order)

1) A porn star talks about her relationship with Pat Burrell: The Fightins!

2) Your favorite Phillies are matched to Garbage Pail Kids: We Should Be GMs

3) Curt Schilling discusses the importance of Tape Recorders and his future in Baseball: 38 Pitches

4) Bill Conlin lists his all time bad boy Phillies roster: Philadelphia Daily News

5) Cole Hamels talks baseball: The Phillies Nation

6) Phillies fans threatened Geoff Geary’s fiancee?: The Houston Chronicle

7) Kendrick has a bad start: Beerleaguer

8.) Scott Lauber writes about John Mayberry:

9) Does Utley’s offense overshadow his defense?: Balls, Sticks & Stuff

10) Howard puts foul ball through press box wall: The Zo Zone



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10 responses to “Link it Up!

  1. Poopy the sailorman

    like i said earlier kid spinach though voracious boobs oh yeh

  2. Ura Douche

    I hate all these links! Hey Pussy boy– you look like a horse and u are a lazy bum right ur own articles u stupid person

  3. John koiles

    Dude I love ur articles by the way if ur gay hit me up

  4. Raymond Falton

    hey read ur blog and i loved it keep up the good work kid good choice going with these links they are hilarious

  5. Cole Hamworth

    Hey dude love the articles i think the best one is with cole hamels when he talks baseball great tips good job

  6. shayroddy

    Thanks Ura! Love you too!

  7. Anita Rody

    hay we almost have the sam last name kidding my real last name is gofradup great job on the articles though
    yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh ffffffooooooooorrrrrr SHHHHHHHHAAAAYYYYYY
    hahah it rymths

  8. shayroddy

    Someone’s having fun with all those different names you can make up… Go ahead, keep commenting, I dare you!

  9. Your commenters have some of the coolest nick names….including me, I suppose.

    Good blog.

  10. shayroddy

    Haha… I know. Where did all these people come from?

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