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Adam Eaton has been cut from the Phillies.  YES!!!!!  Dave Murphy writes on High Cheese: “The decision to release Adam Eaton this morning rather than hope for a team to bite on a trade later in spring training came partly as a result of a desire to get the pitchers in camp enough work. The Phillies figured that the odds of a team agreeing to a trade and assuming a portion of Eaton’s salary were slim enough that it wasn’t worth the chance that he might pitch well enough in spring to encourage a team to take a chance on him.”

Phillie Phanatics: So they cut him because they wanted to take no chances he would succeed?  Adam, we’re so sure you’ll fail you can just head home.  Even if you pitch well, you’ll find some way to mess it up.  We don’t even want to take that chance.

Adam Eaton is now making $8.65 million salary this season as well as a $500,000 buy-out of a mutual option for next year to sit on his ass and watch The Price is Right.


General manager Ruben Amaro, Jr. said Nomar Garciaparra is no longer on the Phils’ radar.

“I would not view him as someone who will be with us,” Amaro said.


Chad Durbin strained his right hamstring and did not pitch today.  Ruben Amaro, Jr. doesn’t seem concerned and expects him back within a few days.


Shane Victorino is excited to replace Grady Sizemore on the United States’ World Baseball Classic team.  Victorino was added, since Sizemore withdrew due to a groin strain. Victorino spoke to USA manager Davey Johnson this morning.  Johnson assured Victorino that he would get enough at-bats to be ready for the season, so Victorino accepted the invite.

“They are only keeping four outfielders, so you are going to get at-bats,” Victorino said. “That was my biggest question to Davey: am I going to get enough at-bats?”


Jayson Werth’s absence from the Phillies line-up the past couple of days has been mysterious.  All parties involved are downplaying it.

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with him,” Manuel said. “There is absolutely zero wrong with him. He’s been getting some hitting, he’s just not ready to go yet. He’ll play before the season starts.”

Werth also said he is healthy, as did general manager Ruben Amaro, Jr.

Manuel said he’ll likely be in the line-up Saturday against Tampa Bay.

“He’s just not ready to go,” Manuel said. “He’s just not ready to go yet. Swinging, running, everything. That happens a lot. It’s no big deal. He’s not a whole lot out of shape, just the way he’s been going through it.”


It seems like a waste of time to write recaps of early spring training games.  You can always get them from Todd Zolecki on

We’ll get all the major news for you here, as well as follow the fifth starter competition.


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  1. I’m sooooooooooooooo happy Eaton is gone!!

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