Interview: Brian Startare, 610 WIP

Brian Startare is a host at 610 WIP-AM.  Startare has been at WIP since February 2005.  He is the pre and post-game host for Philadelphia Flyers hockey. Startare also co-hosts The Hockey Show, with former Flyer Chris Therien during hockey Season and The Football Show, which airs live on Saturday mornings from 7-10AM, during football season.

Startare also contributed to (the now defunct) CN8’s Out of Bounds program. He is also the Public Address Announcer for the mens’ basketball program at Saint Joseph’s University.  He spoke with me this morning:

SHAY RODDY: Which of these Eagles will most likely be gone next season: Runyan, Dawkins, Thomas?

BRIAN STARTARE: I think all 3 will be back, but if I had to choose, the most likely would be Runyan because of injury, but Tra could be expensive. Should be interesting.

SHAY RODDY: What specific thing about the Eagles irks you?

BRIAN STARTARE: Joe Banner, Andy Reid, Jeffrey Lurie …Is that specific enough for you?

SHAY RODDY: One word to describe Donovan McNabb is…


SHAY RODDY: The Eagles offensive play calling is…

BRIAN STARTARE: Inconsistent

SHAY RODDY: Ibanez is an improvement, toss-up, or down-grade from Pat Burrell?

BRIAN STARTARE: Improvement, especially at the Bank [Citizens Bank Park].

SHAY RODDY: Who is the Phillies opening day fifth starter?

BRIAN STARTARE: Carlos Carrasco

SHAY RODDY: Best Cheese-steak in Philly is…

BRIAN STARTARE: Tony Luke’s (but I’m partial to their Chicken Italian)

SHAY RODDY: What is the best sports movie ever?

BRIAN STARTARE: Slapshot. Not even a close second

SHAY RODDY: What is the Flyers’ biggest concern?

BRIAN STARTARE: Sorry to say, but goaltending

SHAY RODDY: How will the Flyers manage to stay under the cap when Briere returns?

BRIAN STARTARE: Darryl Powe will be sent down, and perhaps Claude Giroux will be stashed in the minors and back for the post season. If those two things don’t happen, a trade has to happen. I see no other way around it, but if anyone can make it happen, Paul Holmgren can. He has not given me any indication that he doesn’t know what he is doing. He’ll make it work.

SHAY RODDY: What’s your new book, Flyered Up? Where can we get it?

BRIAN STARTARE: It’s a collection of trivia, facts, anecdotes, quotes and lists. It’s a great bathroom companion for all Flyers fans. You can order a personalized copy at

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