And the search continues

The Phillies search for a right hander off the bench marches on.   The Baltimore Orioles snagged Ty Wiggington, so the Phils are reportedly now looking at Rich Aurilia. Aurilia is an above average back-up infielder.  In 2008 he hit .283 with 10 HRs in 407 at bats.  He could also be a good utility infielder if Chase Utley or Pedro Feliz aren’t ready for opening day or someone goes down during the season.


UPDATE:  Kyle Kendrick spoke to Sam Donnellon about his struggles last season: “I just didn’t pitch very well,” Kendrick said. “People say I was tired, but it really started becoming a mental thing. I got tired mentally, and then it just snowballed from there.”


Pat Gillick will speak with Shay Roddy sometime in the next two weeks about his new roll with the team, the off-season moves, and the world series win in ’08.

Anthony Gargano will join Shay Roddy this week for an interview covering all aspects of local sports.

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