Burrell Signs With Tampa

Pat Burrell signed a two year, $16 Million deal with the Tampa Bay Rays today officially ending his Phillies career, ESPN reports.  When contacted the Rays did not comment on the report.  If the reports are accurate, which with ESPN it likely is,  Pat will likely serve as the Rays DH, which will be interesting to see because Burrell hasn’t fared well as a DH with the Phils. In 85 at-bats in 22 career games as a DH, Burrell has hit .153 with just one homer and seven RBIs.  He seems to be someone who needs the field to keep his head in the game.

Pat began his career in Philadelphia 9 years ago.  A first overall draft pick, Burrell never really lived up to his potential.  He was booed, and he was booed as he struggled through long slumps, however Burrell always held a special spot in the heart of Phils’ fans.

Burrell was hard worker, someone Philly fans understood.  He grew on the fans over the years, and through all the boos was a consistent cheer, he was someone the fans always wanted to succeed.

Good Luck in Tampa Pat!


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  1. Christian Karcole

    Sad to see him go…

    And great blog you got going here. Never really looked at it too hard, but keep up the tremendous work. You’re going to be good at whatever you end up doing, I can tell.

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